The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Contrast Enhanced Ultrasonography in Diagnosis of Hypertensive Nephrosclerosis


The link between kidney damage and HT remains a challenge in medical research from a century when HT concept was defined, taking in consideration than HT is a major risk factor for cardiovascular disease morta-lity worldwide, due to the increasing prevalence, poor compliance to treatment and many complications[1-3]. The hypertensive nephrosclerosis is currently diagnosed in the latest stages of the disease because, for a long period of time, the injuries are compensated by kidney and therefore the clinical presentation is not specific[4]. The current diagnostic methods are non-specific, especially for early diagnosis of hypertensive nephrosclerosis, except the renal biopsy which is considered the gold standard but is rarely indicated in clinical routine due to its invasiveness and possible severe complications[5]. The pathogenic mechanism is complex and not very well understood but renal microcirculation impairment seems to be responsible for the onset and progression of this disease[6]. Therefore, any method that can accurately assess the early microvasculature changes of renal cortex, easy to use, simple and safe, with no invasiveness, could be an important diagnostic tool in hypertensive nephrosclerosis approach. […]