The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Undifferentiated Pleomorphic Sarcoma. From Supposition to Certainty: a Case Report


Second Opinion is a difficult problem for every doctor put in this situation. In this position, we must not let ourselves be influenced, in any way, by the judgment of the first clinician, who formed a diagnosis. But not judging the “evidence” that led to the formation of the first diagnosis is difficult. This case presentation reveals the influence of a diagnosis assumed to be correct from the first interpretation. The patient, from the rural area, presents herself to the doctor following a trauma from falling down the stairs. A soft tissue ultrasound is performed and it is interpreted to be a hematoma. Afterwards, the lesion stagnates in size without progressing towards resorption. After repeating the ultrasound, its interpretation is influenced by the first ultrasound investigation supporting the same diagnosis. As a result, the patient is not guided to make a radical therapeutic decision. The presentation in our clinic was decided by the patient for a “second opinion” and, as a result, all the investigations carried out did not take into account the results previously stated by the patient during the clinical examination in the specialized outpatient clinic. The tumor was one with unimpressive dimensions but disturbing in appearance, without influencing the functionality of the forearm. The patient does not complain of pain or paresthesia in the area occupied by the tumor. She was clinging to deep plans and immovable in front of them.