The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Transmandibular Excision of Symptomatic Large Parapharyngeal Rhabdomyoma – Case Presentation and Literature Review


Adult rhabdomyoma is a very rare slow-growing tumor arising in the head and neck region. It has a male predilection and a mean age of 60 at presentation. The most common head and neck sites for this tumor are floor of mouth, oral cavity and parapharyngeal space[1-3]. Common presenting complains of the patients are fullness around the angle of the mandible or airway obstruction if the tumor is present in the parapharyngeal space. Investigations should include FNA or biopsy and imaging of the neck. Imunohistological studies should be performed as due to its rarity, the rhabdomyoma sometimes could be difficult to diagnose on routine histology and also for confirmation of the diagnosis. Complete surgical excision is mandatory as recurrences occur in incomplete removal of the rhabdomyoma. […]