The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Tips and Tricks in Experimental Nerve Defect Surgery


Microsurgery in itself might be considered a challenge for some plastic surgeons, as it requires patience and perseverance. Furthermore, when it comes to nerve surgery, the challenge is even greater as it implies a longer time necessary to observe results. In clinical practice, a good technique is associated with a good outcome. However, the problem of the recovery time remains an issue to be addressed by future generations. Nerve defects represent an even greater challenge in traumatology. Crush injuries, lacerations and avulsions may all lead to irreversible damage of the nerves. In such cases, special surgery techniques are required to restore function1-4. In order to prepare for these special techniques, a surgeon must begin with experimental in vivo nerve surgery and one that has the highest similarity with humans is the sciatic nerve of the Wistar rat5.