The Romanian Physicians Disciplinary Liability – a Retrospective Study


The physicians’ disciplinary liability is one of the liability forms regarding professional practice and does not represent a superimposed situation on civil or criminal juridical liability that can be drawn in the case of errors or neglect during medical care provision. The latter can fall under the concept of medical malpractice. The reactions of the public opinion in the press seem to be more and more vehement in claiming problems arise during the practice of the medical profession and which seem to attest to an increase of the litigation risk related to the profession. Clarifications on these issues are useful for both professionals and society. The objectives of this study were to identify the medical specialties with high risks of reaching before the collegiate commissions, to observe the tendencies regarding the disciplinary procedures at the level of the College of Physicians, the types and number of sanctions pronounced as well as to identify correlations regarding the tendencies of reporting potentially litigious medical cases in the online press.