The Academy of Medical Sciences – a Short History; National Missions in an International Context


The Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences, a forum of consecration and lucrative activity, bearing an institutional counterpart in every country on the planet, came into being in 1935 by a Royal Decree issued based on the decision of the bicameral Parliament of the country, upon the initiative of Prof. Dr. Daniel Danielopolu. The Professor held from the very beginning the position of Permanent Executive Secretary of the forum, its Presidents coming from the ranks of personalities such as the Minister of Education at the time, Ion Angelescu, and many others that followed.
By the existent law, the Academy of Medical Sciences bore the responsibility, as a subordinate to the Ministry of Health, of conducting medical research and strategizing health policies. Following the French model, which is in fact a model for most, if not all, Academies spread around the globe, it was composed of Academicians from different specialties of medical activity.