The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Talking About Malpractice: A Possible Future Case


The medical profession is certainly there for thousands of years, the first documented therapeutic methods being used since prehistoric times. Although to date there has been significant advance in this area, current treatments are not infallible, which means that in medical practice there are certain errors. Sometimes patients may interpret these errors as malpractice, accusing the physician with certain charges related to his work, or rather the lack of his work.
In terms of ethical norms, the Medical College of Physicians in Romania’s Code of Ethics has been prepared in accordance with the Geneva Declaration issued in 1948 and has a complementary legislative role stated above, the purpose of regulating the fundamental principles of professional conduct for doctors. All these laws are meant to guide medical staff attitudes in clinical practice and are relevant in a medical malpractice case.