The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Reconstruction after Big Nasal Tumors


This article comes as a presentation of the clinical experience in the plastic surgery department. Gather the experience of 3 clinical cases, more representative, with different histopathological tumors, of important dimensions that occupied a large part of the facial anatomical unit, the nose. The article is structured by presenting the risk factors that are the causes of malignant lesions and by recalling the therapeutic options and general principles of addressing large lesions. Malignant lesions that occur most frequently in the nose are reviewed. We consider that it is a serious health problem, with various consequences, of a functional nature, which can affect the airways and aesthetically that can lead to a reconsideration of self-respect and the perception of the affected person towards his peers. The approach of the cases was done sequentially. The first surgical stage involved the excision of the lesion with the oncological safety limit, the defect being larger than the lesion and the more elaborate therapeutic options on the reconstruction scale. The first operative stage ended each time with covering the defect with a graft to have the confirmation of the histopathological examination, free of the tumor. The second stage of the treatment involved lifting the flap and accommodating it. The last surgical stage involved the sectioning of the pedicle and its reintegration into the donor area.