The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Nervous Regeneration Allograph Type of Periferic Nerv


This article completes the problem of nerve regeneration on the allograft model harvested from the same type of individual (in this case the Wistar laboratory mouse).The approach to major trauma produced by various mechanisms and the development of a well-established algorithm, applied in a multidisciplinary team, results in a distinctly different result, both sensory and motor recovery, depending on the operative technique, the operative logistics and the type of graft. The article explains the experimental model, the subjects that were previously prepared for the operating time, the type of anesthesia that was administered, explaining why dosages and administered substances were used, the techniques used in the two batches that are totally different anatomic approach path, different as a bed of nerve regeneration but with operating technicians that do not differ in the two batches. The results are visibly different and are compared by the fi ngerprint sample. The regeneration times are different, the sensitive recurrence, the resumption of motor activity differs very little in the variables of each lot but are appreciable and different as the dynamics and value from one batch to the other.