Main Concerns in the Romanian Medical System – a Doctors Perspective Over the Last 3 Years


All medical societies struggle with different problems. While in developed countries, the main complaint of the doctors is related to overwork due to insufficient personnel, the Romania doctors have many other reasons for being dissatisfied with the activities they perform. The aim of this article is to compare how the doctors’ problems have evolved over the last 3 years, which problems have been solved and which still need to be confronted. In order to do this, an analysis of 2 set of surveys will be performed, one conducted in 2016 by the Multidisciplinary Society of Medical Residents (SMMR) and one conducted in 2019 by the Romanian Federation of Medical Students’ Associations. Both societies – one of the medical residents, the other representing the medical students, have shown a great interest in revealing the problems of the Romanian medical health care system, which has a great impact both on patients as well as medical personnel dynamics.