The Journal of Bucharest College of Physicians and the Romanian Academy of Medical Sciences

Crohn’s Disease or Intestinal Tuberculosis. A Diagnostic Challenge


TB usually affects the lungs but many other organs may be involved. Intestinal tuberculosis primarily involves the distal ileum and cecum, followed by the jejuno-ileum, colon and rectum. The development of strictures and fistulas mimic Crohn’s disease, and generalized colonic involvement mimics ulcerative colitis. A 42 year old patient was admitted to the Gastroenterology Department of Emergency Clinical Hospital Bucharest with a 3 months history of unintentional weight loss (15 kg), diarrhea (7-8 unformed stools per day), right iliac fossa pain, night sweats. He had a history of recent fungal esophagitis and antral gastritis. He denied prior contact with patients with tuberculosis and has no pets. […]