Cervical Endometriosis – Case Report and Review of Literature


Endometriosis became a public health problem both due to the increasing number of affected patients and the severe quality of life impairment. Cervical endometriosis is defi ned as the presence of endometrial glands and stroma at cervical level. Primary and secondary cervical endometriosis are two separates entities that require distinct management. Symptomatic cases diagnosed with primary cervical endometriosis have indication for ERAD while patients with secondary cervical endometriosis should be referred to a specialized center because the surgical treatment may imply a high degree of diffi culty. We present a 24-year-old woman with no history of cervical interventions, first diagnosed with cervical displasia and referred to our center for a second opinion. Secondary cervical endometriosis and vaginal endometriotic nodule were diagnosed. Following the general consensus for the benefits of surgery for endometriosis associated with pelvic pain, the patient was considered a candidate for laparoscopic surgery. Complete resection of the endometriotic tissue including the vaginal nodule with laparoscopic suture of the vaginal wall was realized. Laparoscopic surgery for endometriosis is proven to improve the patients’ quality of life, diminishing the symptoms and increases the likelihood of obtaining a spontaneous pregnancy. The presented case illustrates the benefi ts of surgery for secondary cervical endometriosis with marker improvement in quality of life proven with EHP-30 up to 2 years after surgery.